“Overhead the drunken telegraph, telephone and electric-light wires tangled on tottering posts whose butts were half whittled through by the knife of the loafer.”

-Rudyard Kipling describing Tacoma, 1889


Drunken Telegraph is a Tacoma-based live storytelling show featuring the true-life tales of the people who live in the region.

Co-producers Megan Sukys and Tad Monroe offer a lineup of five ten-minute stories on a single theme from a mix of performers. Then, a story slam gives audience members the chance to take the stage with their own five-minute story on the theme.

Drunken Telegraph travels to different local bars and performance venues and showcases the diverse perspectives and talents that make Tacoma such a unique city. Stories from the live shows are posted online.

Megan and Tad are also available for organizational and business consulting, offering workshops, training and story events to develop communications, marketing, fundraising, special events and team building.


Tad Monroe at a Drunken Telegraph Show  photo by Jessica Uhler

Tad Monroe at a Drunken Telegraph Show
photo by Jessica Uhler

Megan on Mic

Megan Sukys on the Microphone
photo by Britton Sukys













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