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While Groucho Marx didn’t care to belong to any club that would have him as a member, it’s human nature to want to be a part of the crowd. At our next show on Saturday, March 28, 2015, we have a lineup of storytellers recounting hilarious, tragic, and life-changing experiences of fitting in, falling out and finding your tribe.

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Nora Leider found the love of her life, and a passion for volunteer service, at Tacoma’s Guadalupe House. What she didn’t find was a way to tell her straight-laced, mainstream parents that she chose the urban missionary lifestyle of a Catholic Worker.


The basketball court was the place to fit in when Michael Haeflinger was in high school. Based on his playing skills, though, he had to start his own club to get there. Michael shares his cheery tale.


Tad Monroe once spent three weeks at the most exclusive club possible, alone on an island. Sometimes the hardest place to fit in is with yourself.


Rebelling against puberty and spending too long with Ken Burns’ documentaries, Christy Fisher thought she found a way to finally find her tribe. Christy Fisher tells the tale of eight weeks at an Institute she didn’t fully understand.


While writing his first book, a full-body case of psoriasis showed Justin Wadland the price of joining the author’s club. He shares how the story of an anarchist snitch transformed him.


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