Story Slam: Hot Pursuit

Bruce Smith accepting his win.

Bruce Smith accepting his win at Drunken Telegraph’s April show, “Hot Pursuit”

At every show, after our Main Stage storytellers, we invite the audience to take part in a Story Slam where they can share their own 5 minute story on the night’s theme. (If the story is really rolling, people can sometimes squeak past the clock.) Our audience votes for the winner with the highly calibrated (not) Human Applause-O-Meter. The winner gets a gift certificate to Tacoma’s King’s Books.


We’ll offer another Story Slam at our September show,
“Take This Job And Shove It”.

But, you can’t participate if you don’t make it to the show!



These are *some* of the stories from our April show, “Hot Pursuit”. Not everyone tale makes it to the web – another reason to make the live show!
The stories below aren’t edited. These are people speaking in the moment, moved to reveal their lives to strangers.

04-11-14 Bruce Smith


Bruce Smith, What To Say When Your Therapist Tells You You’re Her Craziest Patient



04-11-14 Liz Hibbard

Liz Hibbard, The Chase



04-11-14 Darcy Nelson
Darcy Nelson, Seek & Find



04-11-14 Jered Perez
Jered Perez, Lunch Line Swagger



04-11-14 Melanie Cole
Melanie Cole, The Pursuit Of Duct Tape


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