Month: September 2014

Megan Sukys, Voices In The Dark


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Megan Sukys’ first started her radio career by working overnights in Fayetteville, NC. She had maybe 15 listeners, and her biggest fans worked at the local glue factory. But then, she joined the news coverage of Hurricane Fran and fell in love with bringing people together through talking.


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Timothy C, Naked in New York



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Timothy C spent seventeen years as an undercover officer tracking down human trafficking and sex crime perpetrators. Now that he’s out of the business, he looked back at an incident in New York City that shows just how much he was willing to bare to get the criminal.


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Tracie Bonjour, Embracing The Pain


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Tracie Bonjour planned to bring her children into her international outreach career – before she actually had kids. Her first son pushed her to the limit of balancing work and parenthood. Then, Tracie discovered that dealing with the job of mom meant riding the waves.


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David Schumer, The Cervixes Of Africa


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Bored with the life of a private practice physician, David Schumer volunteered to perform cervical cancer screenings in Zambia. Once he got to the understaffed, understocked and overtaxed clinic, though, he faced the limits of his skills against the vast need for health care in southern Africa.


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Cyan James, The Hidden People In The Chicken Factory


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Cyan James grew up with a crazy love for animals, rescuing hummingbirds as a kid and going to college to be a veterinarian. Then, during college, she spent a summer working the line at a chicken processing plant in her hometown in southwest Washington.


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Take This Slam And Shove It

Slam Final


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After our main-stage storytellers at “Take This Job And Shove It”, five audience members took the stage with their own five-minute tales of crappy work.

The winner, Dave Rodgers, took the “crappy” theme literally. In an interesting twist, the next slam storyteller, Cindy Teixeira, revealed that she shared a similar experience in the bowels of the city’s plumbing.

All of the story slam participants were brave to step in front of roomful of strangers and share their lives, right off the top of their heads. We thank them for joining the fun.

Dave Rodgers, “Sewer Dreams” **SLAM WINNER**



Cindy Teixeira, “It’s Never Too Late”



Michael Haeflinger, Dangerous Delivery in Dayton



Gwendolyn Bronson, “Second Time’s The Charm”



Jered Perez, “Boob Chuck”