First Glimpses of Hot Pursuit

The talented Scott Haydon captured some great moments from our Hot Pursuit show last night.

Dean Burke shared his rite of passage that was skating around a crowded mall in an American flag Speedo – and very little else.


Kellie Richardson channels her caveman poet, her eight-year-old son who desperately needed her guidance through the pain of young love.


Gene Ryan revealed the marginally ethical maneuvers he made to squeeze a little more time in an Ecuador paradise.


Jean McChord shared the first night she pursued a murder suspect as a fifty-year old volunteer reserve officer with the Sheriff’s department.


Tad Monroe hosted the evening and drew on the power of Rainier – both in painted and canned form – to stir up the Drunken Telegraph spirit.


Paul Currington had the audience laughing at the darkest of experiences as he shared his pursuit of a reason to live.


Megan Sukys’ first job as a camp counselor pitted her against a fiercely competitive and wickedly strong boss, a Camp Director who insisted EVERYBODY play Capture the Flag.


If you missed the show – or just want to hear the stories again – we’ll be posting audio here in the next few days!!