Story Slam: Epic Battles

Jim Kopriva, Story Slam Winner at our "Epic Battles" Show

Jim Kopriva, Story Slam Winner at our “Epic Battles” Show
PHOTO: Scott Haydon

At every show, after our Main Stage storytellers, we invite the audience to take part in a Story Slam where they can share their own 5 minute story on the night’s theme. (If the story is really rolling, people can sometimes squeak past the clock.) Our audience votes for the winner with the highly calibrated (not) Human Applause-O-Meter. The winner gets a gift certificate to Tacoma’s King’s Books.

The story below isn’t edited. Slam stories are people speaking in the moment, moved to reveal their lives to strangers.


Jim Kopriva, The Abominable Igloo

Other Storytellers:

Glenn Sukys, Gimme Your Lunch Money

Jessica Cohoe, Go Geoducks!

Eric Heller, The Flip