What the Heck is the Drunken Telegraph?

Everyone has a story to tell, and it usually comes out at parties and social occasions where we can spin out the details and give our friends a glimpse inside our lives. Drunken Telegraph invites audiences to gather at Tacoma restaurants, bars and performance venues to share those revealing tales with total strangers. We believe that’s a sure-fire way to build community.

In June 2013, Ernest Jasmin of The Tacoma Weekly talked with co-producers Megan Sukys and Tad Monroe and wrote this story about our mission.

The most important pull quote from the article if you want to join the show?

“The only hard and fast rule is “it has to be something that happened to you,” Sukys explains. “So it’s not tall tales, it’s not fiction. It’s not this thing I saw from somebody else. It has to be a story about something that happened to you, and at the heart of every story is transformation. When we’re working with people that’s what we’re looking for: What happened to you and how were you changed by it?””