Month: August 2013

That’s the Way the Toilet Bowl Flushes

As the son of the mayor and the school board president in a tiny Arizona Dude Ranch town, Colin McArthur had a lot riding on The Science Project. Luckily, a dusty stranger tumbled across his path.

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What the Heck is the Drunken Telegraph?

Everyone has a story to tell, and it usually comes out at parties and social occasions where we can spin out the details and give our friends a glimpse inside our lives. Drunken Telegraph invites audiences to gather at Tacoma restaurants, bars and performance venues to share those revealing tales with total strangers. We believe that’s a sure-fire way to…

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A Gift from Beyond the Grave

Megan as a baby with her mother and sister

Megan as a baby with her mother and sister


Drunken Telegraph co-founder, Megan Sukys, shared this story at the third show in December 2012.

In the late stages of her first pregnancy, Megan encountered a complication that worried her so much she asked her late mother to send a sign that things would turn out okay.


First Communion at the Church Lock-In

Drunken Telegraph co-founder, Tad Monroe, shared this story at the first show in June 2012.

He recalls a church lock-in from his teen years that offered the chance to try communion wine in a less-than-sacred way, something that made his first real communion an experience of true grace.