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While Groucho Marx didn’t care to belong to any club that would have him as a member, it’s human nature to want to be a part of the crowd. At our next show on Saturday, March 28, 2015, we have a lineup of storytellers recounting hilarious, tragic, and life-changing experiences of fitting in, falling out and finding your tribe.

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We’ve sold out every show hours before the doors open, and you need a ticket to join the audience. So join the audience early! After all, it’s “Members Only”.


Nora Leider found the love of her life, and a passion for volunteer service, at Tacoma’s Guadalupe House. What she didn’t find was a way to tell her straight-laced, mainstream parents that she chose the urban missionary lifestyle of a Catholic Worker.


The basketball court was the place to fit in when Michael Haeflinger was in high school. Based on his playing skills, though, he had to start his own club to get there. Michael shares his cheery tale.


Tad Monroe once spent three weeks at the most exclusive club possible, alone on an island. Sometimes the hardest place to fit in is with yourself.


Rebelling against puberty and spending too long with Ken Burns’ documentaries, Christy Fisher thought she found a way to finally find her tribe. Christy Fisher tells the tale of eight weeks at an Institute she didn’t fully understand.


While writing his first book, a full-body case of psoriasis showed Justin Wadland the price of joining the author’s club. He shares how the story of an anarchist snitch transformed him.


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Story Snapshots of 2014

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12-31-14 BW First Night SSB-40

As Tacoma celebrated the dawn of 2015 with its First Night Festival, we carted our Port-A-Parlor up to the Pantages Theatre’s front porch to ask people to share their most memorable experiences of the year.

12-31-14 BW First Night SSB-36

Visitors ranged in age from nine to seven-times-nine. Each one stepped inside our mobile studio and shared the sad, surprising, troubling, and terrific events that will always remind them of the Year That Was 2014.


First Night First Look

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12-31-14 BW First Night SSB-40


We had a fabulous New Year’s Eve, sharing and recording stories at First Night Tacoma Pierce County. Audio from the Story Snapshot Booth is on the way, but first, a slideshow of the evening.


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PHOTOS: Britton Sukys

Story Snapshots From The WaCASA Conference

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Sign Painting: Britton Sukys

Sign Painting: Britton Sukys


Stories aren’t just for the stage. They can happen anywhere and anytime people gather for community, connection and celebration. With our Story Snapshot Booth, we capture those stories in their natural habitat.

A couple weeks ago, we took the mobile “Port-a-Parlor” to the Washington State CASA Conference to collect stories about helping foster children through tough times. More than twenty men and women stepped inside a converted minivan to open up about the lessons, rewards and transformations they experienced in their volunteer work.

A minivan disguised as an inviting conversation parlor.

A minivan disguised as an inviting conversation parlor.


When I sat down to record the stories, I expected to hear about real-life events. So, the story below surprised me. And yet, in ninety seconds, Ramona gave me a resonant image of what it means to volunteer for CASA.

CASA is a nationwide non-profit that recruits, screens, trains, and supervises community volunteers who advocate for the best interests of abused, abandoned, and neglected children moving through the family court system. The program grew out of a group started by a King County Superior Court judge in 1977.

Volunteers are not social workers or foster parents. They advocate solely for the child and are trained to offer an informed and objective perspective on the child’s best interest. In doing that, they draw on their own judgment in conjunction with regular training.


This story sounds like it’s headed for tragedy, but then passes through Patty Murray’s office and ultimately gives Karen a lesson she’ll never forget.



In this story, Carrie stands behind a teenager with a track record of drug abuse and petty crimes to keep him out of juvenile detention.



People of all ages, backgrounds and points-of-view volunteer, each bringing their own unique perspective and life skills. Advocating for children changed a lot of attitudes Bob formed in his corporate career, but he finds his business acumen gives him the ability to make a difference in the lives of the littlest children.



These are just a few of the stories from our Story Snapshot Booth visit. You can listen to all seventeen stories here.

Storyteller portraits by Britton Sukys.



 The Story Snapshot Booth will make its next appearance at
First Night Tacoma,
the City of Destiny’s free New Year’s Eve celebration.

Megan on the "Story Phone", planning our next Story Snapshot Booth event.

Megan on the “Story Phone”, planning our next Story Snapshot Booth event.

We’ll Be Downtown Tacoma From 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Five Drunken Telegraph All-Stars Will Share
“Stories of the Year 2014″
Every Half Hour.



We invite you to join us on December 31
to listen
and then
take a spin in the Story Snapshot Booth.

Share your

“Stories of the Year 2014″

11-03-14 WaCASA Story Booth-3

Tad Monroe, in the Story Seat.

11-03-14 WaCASA Story Booth-4

Megan Sukys, ready to listen.


You can hear stories from a 2013 Story Snapshot Booth visit to the JBLM Welcome Home celebration here.

Tad Monroe, Call Me Coach

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10-14-14 Tad Monroe-2

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Tad Monroe won a football scholarship to college, but a knee injury forced him to use his knowledge of the game for more than life on the gridiron.



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Dean Burke, A Job In The Fast Lane

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10-14-14 Dean Burke-1

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Dean Burke was lucky enough to land a job with a successful software company in 2007, just before the Great Recession began. But, his luck didn’t hold out.



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Karrie Zylstra, A Job Gone To The Dogs

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10-14-14 Karrie Zylstra-7

>click triangle above to hear Karrie’s full story<


Karrie Zylstra imagined a happy career training service dogs, until she started working at a shelter in Bellingham after college.



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Morf Morford, Be Like Water

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10-14-14 Morf Morford-4

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Morf Morford once taught a class in prison, and he found advice from Bruce Lee helped him navigate the violence and humanity of helping people with nothing to lose.



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Take These Stories And…

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Alright, enough with the shoving already!



The Tacoma Public Library invited us to produce a special, second show of real-life work stories because this month the annual “Tacoma Reads Together” book is Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Nickle and Dimed”. It’s Barbara’s first-person account of trying to make a living working minimum wage jobs back in 2001.

So, TONIGHT, TUESDAY OCTOBER 14, 2014, we bring you a FREE SHOW featuring four storytellers who didn’t go undercover to learn the truth about working in America. They just took the best jobs they could find. However, they learned the same thing Barbara did:

“What you don’t necessarily realize when you start selling your time by the hour is that what you’re really selling is your life.”


So, if you don’t get big bucks from working, what do you get?
The kinds of lessons money can’t buy.







Take This Job And Shove It TOO

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Because there are more stories about bad jobs than there is time to share them, we’ve got MORE chances to tell your “Take This Job And Shove It” tale!

STORIES OF COSMICALLY CRAPPY WORK Saturday, September, 27 2014 7:30p Studio III Broadway Center Tacoma, WA

FREE WORKSHOP: Saturday, Oct. 11, 10a-11:30a
Wheelock Library
FREE SHOW: Tuesday, Oct. 14 7p-8p
Main Branch, Tacoma Public Library


REGISTER NOW for our FREE WORKSHOP at Wheelock Library in Tacoma on Saturday, October 11 from 10a-11:30a.


A bad job, a cranky boss or outrageous co-workers can be the source of an entertaining and enlightening story. On the other hand, talking about them could also just sound like complaining. How do you relate a memorable experience in a way that an audience will enjoy, and even learn something?
Megan Sukys and Tad Monroe produce Tacoma’s live storytelling show, Drunken Telegraph. For this workshop, they will bring simple and effective tools to help participants craft a compelling tale about real-life events. Participants are invited to come prepared to share a 2-3 minute story from their own work lives.
Megan and Tad will select a few storytellers from the workshop to take part in a special follow-up performance on Tuesday, October 14, 2014.


PLAN NOW for our FREE SHOW at Tacoma Library’s Main Branch on Tuesday, October 14 from 7p-8p.


For this special show, co-producers Megan Sukys and Tad Monroe will offer a lineup of local people sharing true stories about tackling thankless jobs, handling outrageous bosses and surviving the worst work situations. Entertaining and authentic, the stories also offer insight into what it really takes to make a living.

And just to prove we’re not being original with “Take This Job And Shove It Too”, here’s the song David Allan Coe wrote and performed to follow up his earlier song, the one made famous by Johnny Paycheck.

There, we said it.